Can Accident Prevention Reduce Hospice Community Liability?

Posted on: September 4, 2014 by Hospice Coverage

Can Accident Prevention Reduce Hospice Community LiabilityCan Accident Prevention Reduce Hospice Community Liability?

Whether your hospice community clients have staff that work primarily in a facility, or at a patient’s home, they are exposed to unique risks every day. Not only do they need to focus on their own safety and well-being, but also that of the patient they are caring for.

Accident Prevention could very well play a role in reducing Hospice Community Liability, since a lawsuit could very well come from the family of an elderly or terminally ill patient if they don’t feel they’ve received the appropriate level of attentive palliative care. So, within a facility, what can your clients and their staffs do to ensure patient safety? Below are a few ideas from healthcare facility Barnabas Health in New Jersey.

  • Avoid highly polished floors and keep throw rugs out of patient rooms or communal areas
  • Keep hallways and walkways free of wires and clutter
  • Use nightlights
  • Extend handrails to the full length of any stairs present in the facility
  • Encourage patients to wear non-slip shoes or slippers at all times
  • Maintain smoke detectors

If your clients and their staffs work in a patient’s home, they can encourage family members to implement the above-mentioned safety measures, and also:

  • Ensure that smoke detectors are maintained
  • Consider an emergency response device for hospice patient
  • Keep a telephone within reach of patient’s bed
  • Turn down the water heater’s thermostat to prevent scalds

These are just some of the safety measures your clients can take to prevent accidents on the job, and potentially reduce their company’s Hospice Community Liability. Your client’s staff should focus on their own safety as well, following all proper protocols when it comes to assisting patients, lifting them, or administering medication.

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