Avoiding Abuse in Healthcare and Hospice Communities

Posted on: November 5, 2014 by Hospice Coverage

Avoiding Abuse in Healthcare and Hospice CommunitiesAvoiding Abuse in Healthcare and Hospice Communities

As an administrator in a home healthcare or hospice community, your client is responsible for providing quality care and comfort to their patients. Unfortunately, in healthcare and hospice communities, employee abuse of the business and fraudulent behavior have both been known to happen. It’s imperative that your clients be aware, and proactive, in approaching tactics to reduce their risks related to abuse or neglect.

Healthcare fraud or abuse can be carried out by anyone; accountants, nurses, receptionists, etc. The process of mitigating risks within a hospice community involves taking precautions to ensure their business is legally and financially protected. How exactly can your hospice community client do this?

Preventing employee crime or abuse starts with hiring the right people. Of course in this type of environment, it’s sometimes easier to rely on trust alone rather than facts, but when it comes to the hiring process, this is not enough. Preventing fraud and crime in hospice communities by hiring the right people means including background checks on all employees. These background checks should include; employment verification of companies, performance, length of employment, etc, education verification, and both criminal and civil records for fraud and other crimes.

Once the right employees are in place, it’s important for your client to educate those employees. They must have an adequate understanding of policies and procedures for preventing healthcare fraud and abuse, including having the correct internal controls in place. Employees should also understand the consequences of violating these policies and procedures.

In addition to the above mentioned strategies, hospice community employers should be sure to perform audits of their financials and operations. Doing so randomly can help these healthcare agencies discover their vulnerabilities and can also let employees know that preventing healthcare fraud and abuse is among their highest priorities.

At Care Providers Hospice Community, we understand that the home healthcare and hospice industry is among the fastest-growing industries in our country. In order to support its continued success, Care Providers offers a broad insurance program exclusively designed to address the unique risks associated with hospice care. Please contact us today at (855) 790-7379 to learn more about our coverages, including employee crime.

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