Abuse & Molestation Liability Insurance for Hospice Care

Care Providers Insurance Services has been providing non-profits and social service organizations, including the hospice community, with a broad portfolio of competitively priced coverages for more than 25 years. In doing so, we understand that every organization that counsels, assists, or provides services to the elderly should have abuse and molestation insurance as part of its insurance plan. This is why our hospice insurance program includes this coverage with our Hospice General Liability Insurance product.

The Right Policy Fit

The hospice community provides a noble service to patients nearing death and to their families who need the strength and mechanisms to cope with losing a loved one. But as with all aspects of our society, there are predators who seek out settings to prey on the frail and weak. Even organizations with strict policies in place and robust hiring practices can find themselves in a situation where abuse is alleged. Even if the allegations are meritless, the defense costs can be costly.

When looking to provide abuse and molestation liability insurance for your insureds, be sure the policy is the right fit. Our coverage includes:

  • Both sexual and physical abuse
  • Limits of – up to $1 million per occurrence/$3 million in aggregate, which are separate from our general liability limits
  • No gaps between the layers, and on claims-made coverage, assurance that the retroactive date is maintained on all future policies with us

As part our hospice program, value-added resources are also available, such as our Your Care Connection newsletter and other information to help organizations protect their patients from the threat of abuse. You can share this information with your insureds to help mitigate risk and stem losses.

Learn More About Our Insurance Program for the Hospice Community

We invite you to learn more about our program for hospices and how we can assist you in expanding your agency’s book of business. Contact us today for more information about our program.